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Bernd Michalski

@Bernd-M | Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Born in the Ruhr Region of western germany, where once "beautiful coal" was mined and steel cooked: the industrial heart of the country. Active "Social Democrat" from my youth, and kept that for a quarter century. (That would be a classical liberal in Dave's language.) Studied theology (of all things), worked as a journalist on radio, political staffer of an MP, PR-guy and speech writer for some brilliant and some not so brilliant state secretaries (traffic/transportation, economy, labor), moved on to be a real expert in traffic (mobility) politics at the state government level. Got away from my earlier political home when desperate lefties took over, am now a member and supporter of the german "free democratic party", a medium sized and kind of libertarian-leaning bunch, favoring not-so-big government, free market and being strictly anti-ideological. Non-collectivist, definitely. Am so much looking forward to some decent global conversation about all the great questions Dave keeps discussing all the time. Would be very glad if I could help a bit to move our common cause forward.
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