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This is NOT an official account for Dan Bongino. I am here simply to share some of the most accurate political reporting you will come across. Due to Dan's inside sources, you can expect to be 3-4 months ahead of the news cycle (not being hyperbolic). Dan is an ex-NYPD Officer, ex-Secret Service Agent for President's GW Bush & Obama, he hosts The Dan Bongino Show(YouTube & podcast) and is a frequent guest on Fox News. Mr. Bongino has written several books with subject matters ranging from his experience in the Secret Service to exposing the corruption that resulted in Russiagate & Ukrainegate. Dan's reporting on the swamp is some of the most-informative material you will come across I assure you. All I ask from those not familiar with Dan Bongino's show is to tune in once, maybe twice and determine if his show is a fit for you. He may be Republican, but he just as likely to turn on a Republicans for corruption or bad policy as he would a Democrat. Please keep an open mind because Dan may not be for everyone but you cannot deny that he has some ridiculously skillful sources. IMPORTANT NOTE: If this channel receives any form of compensation, 100% of it will go to Dan and his show's staff. I have zero interest in piggybacking off of Dan's success as I am not in this for financial gain WHATSOEVER. However, if you happen to write to Dan at any point, please be sure to say Bobby Mazz sent you! After a few shows, I'm sure you will understand what NTSH stands for.
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