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Greg Gauthier

@ExitingTheCave | UK
I am the creator of the Exiting The Cave philosophy blog and the creator of the Exiting The Cave podcast. I'm a "Gen X" amateur philosopher. My day job is software engineer in test, I live in the UK, but I'm originally from Chicago. My work colleagues say I'm too academic, and my academic colleagues say I'm too pragmatic. My favorite philosophy topics are ethics, logic, and the epistemology of science. My favorite programming language is python. I also have an Amateur Radio license: KB9ZYW. My politics is all over the map. I'm sympathetic to anarcho-capitalist and Libertarian ideas, but also sympathetic to many of the arguments of conservative cultural critics (e.g., William Bennett, Allan Bloom, and Roger Scruton). I think social psychology is a valuable scientific field, but I think social psychologists too easily conflate description and prescription, in their research. Religiously, I am an agnostic theist. I was raised nominally Roman Catholic, but my catechism was a version of watered-down once-a-week secular happy-clappy nonsense. So, I abandoned it as soon as my parents were satisfied with my matriculation in the church. I am susceptible to the case that Thomas Nagel made in Mind and Cosmos, but think a stronger argument could be made for a theistic conception of value, and a divine panpsychism (see, for example, several of the talks given by Jordan Peterson and Bishop Barron). My favorite historical philosophers are Plato, Aristotle, and Hume. My favorite contemporary philosophers are Nagel, Quine, Scruton, Blackburn, and McDowell.
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