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I'm a woman who is loving living life at my Equine Welfare Sanctuary in Upstate NY, where people and horses (minis, mules and donkeys too) surpass life's pitfalls and hurdles and find compassion, empowerment, friendship, kindness, joy and peace. I never thought 18 years ago, in 2002, my life would have as much purpose as it does now. Saving, restoring and caring for formerly at risk and slaughter bound equines has been the best journey I could have ever prayed for. Along with hundreds of dedicated, compassionate people, Peaceful Acres Horses (the organization), has become a safe haven for both people and equines. It's Life Changing! The hardest job I've ever had, is the job I feel honored and blessed to live. Living My Purpose-filled Life! I'm looking forward to meeting like minded and like hearted people here on this platform. Thanks Dave!
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