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Thinking Man

I live in Boston, MA. once a hotbed of Free Thought & Radical Ideas. I like to THINK I AM following in the footsteps of those 'Rabble-Rousers' by using the tools available to me at a time when building a better future calls for all concerned Americans to make a choice - use the equipment at your disposal & have a say in what the future of this great country of ours will become. Or sit on the sidelines and later wish you had. My weapons of choice are Written Words, Logical Thought & Common Sense with a dash of Sarcasm when called for. I prefer those ingredients to be Shaken, Not Stirred in the hope that when you Drink In The Words it will be your thoughts that get stirred. I like to Think of myself as a Proud, Free Thinking, Modern Day American Realist. How about you? With Special Thanks to Dave Rubin and, of course The Locals Community without whom I would never have attempted to take on the "Group-Think" standards of the Hard-Left.
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