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Aaron Douthit

Member since December 07, 2019
I am an American of Italian, Dutch, and German descent. I am a registered nurse working on a Doctor of Nursing Practice in nurse anesthesia. This means I work with an anesthesiologist to put people to sleep for surgical procedures. We also place spinal blocks, epidurals, peripheral nerve blocks, central lines, and arterial lines. I am a 1LT US Army Reserve acting in the role as well. I like being in the outdoors and hike with my wife and dog. I do some hunting but really just love guns. I am working on my collection and reload ammo as well. I just bought my first house with my wife and we are doing house projects and collecting books for our future library. We have a beautiful German Shepherd puppy. She’s a really great puppy. Some would say she’s the best puppy. Important people... they say that she’s great. You’ve never met a dog like this. she’s better than any other dog. Other dogs don’t even come close. I graduated college a default democrat. Voted for Gary Johnson in 2016 but have come to despise what the left has become and found my way to the center right. Not a HUGE supporter of Trump but I will be voting against the democrats.
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