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I was taking a continuing education class to remain employed with my school system.
This one was on The Internet and Media.
We learned about this new thing called "Twitter." And we were introduced to "Tweets" and "Tweeting."

I laughed, being a man, and said to the instructor, "This will never catch on. Can you see real men, as they leave the restaurant, turn back to the table of friends and say out loud, DON'T FORGET TO TWEET ME!"

Never going to catch on.

Yet here we are. Even one of the most macho Presidents we've ever had is up at night Tweeting.

Couldn't we all it something else?


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Twitter has been down (at least for me) for about 20 minutes. I feel like a free man. What’s on your mind, peeps? Will respond in comment section...

5 am wake up for Fox and Friends in a few minutes. Clyde ready...for what I’m not sure...

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