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Facebook will be facing the music soon....
Facebook receives tax benefits from the federal government as well as legal protections from liability based on the fact that they do not produce and are not responsible for content that in part is based on the fact that they don't select what content to publish and what information to not publish By them choosing which information is published and not published by censoring, then they in fact have presented themsleves with an opinion and they are no longer neutral. Therefore they need to be removed from the benefits for the tax benefits and need to be removed from the legal protections as well. They are supposed to be a Platform and enjoying the benefits of tax advantages as well as legal protections. However they are behaving like a publisher. A publisher will censor content and be responsible for the content that they have censored. For example if somebody starts shaming somebody on Facebook and some kid commits suicide because of ...

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October 17, 2020
Trump Rally in Beverly Hills

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If you have high school age kids I am begging you to consider urging them to have a gap year before college. Show them all the trade schools that are available and how much money they could make before their friends even graduate with their BA in Theatre (unfortunately like me). College is great but I have TWO degrees and I am working in a job that requires neither degree and I’m making peanuts. Also, the military is a great way to become independent and see the world. They do not have to be a Navy Seal and constantly deploy down range to enjoy the benefits. And some jobs are civilian applicable. Mike Rowe has a quote:

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