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Happy Thursday Rubin Report Friends & Refugees! My office is dotted with prayers and quotes. Here is a prayer that has been in my office for decades.

O God, it is easy to love the whole world, but hard to love the person one works next to;
O God, it is easy to campaign for world peace, but hard to contribute to the peace within my own home;
O God, it is easy to be fascinated with some new truth, and miss you in the thing I have known so long;
O God, it is easy to share my home, and possessions with people I like.

Teach me how to be generous towards others.
Enable me today to say something, or do something that will make a difference to the discouraged, to the inexperienced, to the despairing.

Let no selfish concern with my own affairs, shut me off from any today.
For your love’s sake. Amen. RITA SNOWDEN

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@TheRubinReport My daughter, who is a millennial, was participating in the BLM protests. I suggested that she start watching you. She did. She is now no longer participating in BLM protests and every day she asks me, "Did you watch the latest Rubin Report?" I just want to say again, thank you for all that you and your team are doing. I know you have suffered a lot Dave, but every person you help see the 'light,' I hope, lessens the pain and makes you stronger.

September 29, 2020

A socialist is about to wake up. We should have some sort of tracker for this kind of thing...

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