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If "I" was President?

What would I do if I was President and the people in control of main stream media wouldn't share my concerns about fraud in the system for the upcoming election?

I'd say something people might consider so off the beaten path that they spread the word while saying I was very wrong.

Then I'd be well heard by America and proven correct after a closer look at the situation.

In other words, I'd use their hate against them and get them talking about something they tried to hide.

But I didn't come up with that on my own.

President Trump taught that to me over the last four years.

President Trump, "They're spying on me and my campaign."
Main Stream Media, "Oh, what an idiot. He is talking out his used food portal." Reports, interviews, radio programs, newspaper articles, blogs, television, etc, all spread the word.

Time goes by ...

Main Stream Media, "Well, it was a long time ago. Let's move on. Nothing to see here."

President Trump, ...

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