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Please watch.
Most of you might not yet know the guy: Mahyar Tousi has made himself a pretty popular vlog journalist in the UK. His family is of Persian origin and has fled to London when he was young.
He considers himself a classical liberal, too. Fights the deluded left, globalism, elitism – you name it, he does it. All the good stuff.

What the civilized western world is facing right now, as a result of decades long marxist strategizing, and endangering our freedoms: In this video rant, he sums it up PERFECTLY.

@DaveRubin, it would be a beautiful thing for you to check it out and give the guy a boost. He is really a good one, and smart, and courageous. A bit like you, come to think about it …
(Ask Douglas about him. I dare say he will commend him.)

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Dave is LIVE in 5!

Just walked through the entire mall without a mask. Yessssss.

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