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July 31, 2020

@Bulqueenie @Anorton Good morning Yoko, Hoping to re-master some pieces of music from Shining Path for Bandcamp. Besides writing, music is deeply spiritual for me.It’s as close to the Divine as I can get...Amidst all this chaos, violence , and nihilistic lies, there is this community. It might sound a little off, but I’ve come a long way, hard things in hard times...I rise each morning, in no small part, looking forward to be greeted by love...I may be too broken but admitting that, here, feels right to me. If I can help anyone who feels that it’s just not worth it anymore, that we are in the darkest of the dark. Let’s trust in the Divine and each other...always #8.
A Lilly from my upper garden:

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Went to a friend’s birthday party at her unbelievable house last night. Fantastic music, food and atmosphere. @davidjanet even got me to dance. Of course the police showed up and apologized for even having to be there. After a little chaos the party continued. Life finds a way! (Yes, there were fire-wielding belly dancers!)

How’s your weekend going?

21 hours ago

About to get a haircut. Think it was time...

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