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Just joined as I am just finishing listening on Audible Books, Dave's book: "Don't Burn This Book". I evidently downloaded this book several months ago but had not read it. I was leaving a weekly art class and had planned to listen to a different book while driving home but evidently had not downloaded it completely; so I ended up with this book. It was literally a blessing. I have been in the difficult situation of leaving a church I have attended for 34 years. I became involved with this church secondary to their excellent music program but as years of gone by, its practice of "liberation theology" has increased. I usually have kept quiet, few know that I am a Republican, anti-abortion, and do support the Sacrament of Marriage between a man and woman but fully support civil marriage, secondary to witnessing what occurred during the HIV-AIDs epidemic; I am an occupational therapist. So as I have been obeying the California Covid19 restrictions I have had more time to reflect on ...

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