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Happy Eid!

I pray everyone is filled with the love and light of The Almighty Creator. May we all be guided to fulfill our purpose and reach enlightenment. Amen.

Fun Facts
Any season can be Eid season throughout a lifetime!

Today is Eid al-Adha (Holiday of The Sacrifice, which honors Prophet Abraham--peace be upon him) for most of the global Muslim community; others will be celebrating tomorrow. Differences occur due to sightings of the new moon, which demarcate the first of each month, after sundown.

Eid Al-Adha occurs every 10th-12th of Dhul-Hijjah during the 12th month of the Hijri Calendar. Eid occurs a little earlier each Gregorian year due to the 12 lunar month cycle being shorter than the solar cycle.

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Sunday reflections...

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It is with a heavy heart my wife and I share that her grandmother passed away. Some of you may have seen me post about her before. Grandma Muffin was a staple to this family; every birthday, holiday and special occasion was done at Grandma's along with delicious home made food. My wife and I along with her siblings have decided to continue with the meals at either our home or her mom's to keep the tradition alive.

I really wanted to share one of grandma's rules for her home. No matter your opinion, your place in the family or if you had one of the arguments during making hay that left you at odds with each other. You cross that threshold you were even, on common ground, you became the adult you are and minded your manners and grandma.

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