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August 01, 2020

My friends son showed up to football practice with a stuffy nose and headache. The coach asked if he had a fever and he said “no”.

His mother later told me that he gets this every year around the beginning of school, and she suspects seasonal allergies. But it is so short- lived they have never really sought any treatment.

The coach, principal, athletic director and trainer passed information back and forth and it became a morbid version of the “telephone game” (where you whisper something to one person and by the time it gets to the end; whatever you told is completely distorted)

I don’t think the school employees meant to harm the boy....but they did. They blew it WAY out of proportion & (intentionally or unintentionally) told a lie about him. The lie (he had a temp) affected the kid (he’s almost 18 why doesn’t he know better?), his parents (what kind of parents would send their kid to school with a temp in the middle of a pandemic?) The kid is a straight-A...

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September 16, 2020

Every time I take off my mask upon walking out of a store...

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