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Had a "very slight confrontation" yesterday with BLM sign holders at a major intersection several miles from my home. There were approx. 20 young women, a couple of young men (I use the term loosely) and several "mothers" standing on the traffic islands where 5 roads light was RED & I was seeing RED at the same time sooooo...
Fact is there was NOT ONE black person in their group which led me to yell to the 5 near me "Are you just Virtue Signaling or Protesting Something?"
People in cars around me looked straight ahead - after all a crazy man yelling at BLM protesters could only mean terrible things were about to happen.
But I continued to berate them anyway with - "Only some Black Lives Matter ! Right?" & "How about the dead black children of Chicago?" [pause] "Do they matter?" The 'protesters stood slack-jawed & bug-eyed sans one who had a completely vapid expression on her face and was even WAVING like she was in a pageant of some sort!!!
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Finally! Something Politicans can be useful for!

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BLM and Mr Legend in His Own Mind - can kiss my ass

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