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Funny thing.
Today is the first day of Dave's August off the grid.
Guess what happened to me:
My telecom/DSL provider followed the cue and took a time out today, too.
From 11am until dinner time no internet whatsoever.
(We are having a few hot days here in west Germany, and apparently some local server hub got into too much of a sweat.)

Not only that I couldn't communicate with you here. (I missed it!)
No music streaming.
Not even the weather report on the smartphone.
No e-mails.
No online media outlets, as opposed to MSM TV, which I don't watch.
No YT.

Strange, how much one relies on all the online stuff all the time. You realize it when it is off, suddenly.

(I wonder, will Dave tell @DavidJanet to provide for some nice background music around dinner time?)

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On with Judge Jeanine in 5 minutes. Talking big tech nonsense. Gonna try to give the community a shout-out!

January 22, 2021


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