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hey y'all

wanted to ask a theoretical question and see what people think.

go back a thousand years...we are completely free to do what we our lives as we wish...reap the natural benefit and consequences of our actions without government interference. we hurt ourself...we are able to solicit and or pay any old person we wish to help us repair our body so we can keep going...that is our right...that is our responsibility because it is our choice ....

Now transport a few thousand years in the hurt yourself. But now we have no choice who we can use or pay to help us repair the consequences of our actions. We are mandated to use people that an authority deems able and worthy to deal with the issue.

Now understanding that we have instituted this authority to represent us as a do I justify whether healthcare is a right or responsibility when I have been required to use only the people deemed worthy and have no choice to determine who I...

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Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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