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August 03, 2020

When I was middle school my parents had me tested for learning disabilities and just like my dad they found I read and absorbed information THREE TIMES SLOWER than the average person. Yet I made the Beta Club, The National Honor’s Society, The Dean’s List in College, and was awarded Drama Student of the Year in High School and College. I lied...YES I LIED TO GET INTO THE MILITARY...blame Audie Murphy for my inspiration, and my dad 🙌🏻❤️ But as slow as I am I got through basic training and then almost a YEAR of Aircraft Armament School! My dorm Military Training Leader(Drill Sergeant) had my roommate steal my books when we hit phase three and were allowed off base because I never did anything on the weekends. He said if you go to the mall and the movies I’ll give you your books back. I had to work THREE TIMES HARDER all my life! So when I finish a book it is A BIG DEAL! Thank you @DaveRubin @davidjanet @TheRubinReport for enabling this enlightening book to happen.


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Breaking All The Rules!

Newsom and the stormtroopers should be at my door any moment now. Today’s DM in the content section now!

Merry Piss-Mas 2020

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