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A Philosophy of Lies

The left does not just like lies. The left demands that everyone must lie to everyone else. That sounds strange, but it is an observable fact.

A perfect example is the ongoing riots in Portland. Yesterday Jerry Nadler was asked about the violence in Portland. He stated flat-out that it is "a myth". One might think that Nadler dwells in such a tight bubble in Washington, D.C. that he actually believes that. In reality Nadler is not stupid and understands full well what has been going on outside the Federal Courthouse every night. But he also understands that if he calls out that violence and rioting publicly his base on the left will viciously attack him for uttering that truth. Nadler looks right into the camera and tells ridiculous, completely non-believable lies because that is what the left demands of him. And as we have seen, Democratic politicians are terrified of the left and unreservedly pander to it.

Nadler is far from alone in this. Governor ...

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