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Last Wednesday, July 29th...I lost one of my closest, dearest friends. I will always remember when I first laid eyes on her. How beautiful and . She was so scared that first day away from her mom and litter mates.

We became fast friends and the next 11 years were so much fun. Together we learned to be a brilliant team. We shared many, many good times and she was always there for the many, many not so good times. We took long walks and had long talks. Such a good listener. I could always count on her when things got really bad. She was there with a kiss and a warm neck to cry on.

We started our relationship understanding the inevitable outcome of the difference between our lifespans, but that does not make this any easier. I am hurt to my soul.

Sensing the end was near, and living with the reality that we did not know when or where, we had time for weeks of goodbyes. I never missed a chance to tell her how wonderful she is. And to wait for me. When the day came, we ...

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Newsom and the stormtroopers should be at my door any moment now. Today’s DM in the content section now!

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