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Microsoft's acquisition of TikTok is more than it appears

One aspect of the potential Microsoft buyout deal with TikTok I have not heard anyone talking about. As we know, India banned TikTok due to their border conflict with China. While Chinese TikTok service is banned in India, I see no reason why an American TikTok would not be allowed in that country.

If the Microsoft-owned TikTok were approved in India, that would be a gigantic market of over one billion people, more than three times the size of the U.S. market. Microsoft might be able to snag the EU market as well because Chinese TikTok grossly violates EU privacy laws. They could potentially do the same in other markets in nations that see the ChiComs as an enemy, such as the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and many more. This could turn out to be a far more lucrative deal for Microsoft in the long run than it appears on the surface.

Another facet of this is that it would be the first successful ...

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My neighbor of almost 19 years and I were talking last night and somehow we got to talking about the craziness that might happen after the election. She said, "You're voting Trump, right?" We never talk national politics. I said yes and she said she is too. She said she was raised Democrat and has always voted that way, but after she saw the way the Dems acted this summer with the police and riots she switched parties and is now a registered Republican and voting Trump.

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