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On "Protesters" /= "Rioters" & Portland's >2 months of nightly "protests"

To the first point, fair enough. I agree.

That said, this is from CNN, today:

"Shortly after, protesters broke into the window of the office and started a fire, police said. Security video from inside the office shows unidentified people tossing flaming debris into the office to grow the flames.
Police said the people responsible committed "crimes of criminal mischief, burglary, and attempted arson." Police then declared a riot and ordered everyone to leave the area, including members of the press and legal observers.

When officers arrived to disperse the crowd, protesters threw "glass bottles and paint balloons at them," and pointed lasers into the eyes of police, police said. Three officers were injured, including two that were transported to the hospital and later released, police said."

Here's an excerpt from a CNN article a few weeks ago:

"Seattle protesters threw large ...

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