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"All that came before me were thieves and robbers."
So said the Messiah. But also, so says this generation. They have been groomed to think that they are the first generation to see reality as it truly is. This is why there is a disdain for a dispassionate and complex view of history, and an erasure of the past.
This should tell us a lot about the mindset behind the utopian—nay, messianic—project they are aiming to usher in.
This is a big part of why I write historical fiction for young adults. I didn't ask for this path—I was happily tooling around with my illustration career when novel-writing just happened to yank me into its world.
How do you see this messianism playing out among the young folks around you?

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Just sat down with Kim Klacik about her appearance on The View this morning which is tearing up the Internet right now...

Therapy cooking this morning. My friend died 5 minutes after we left last night. Bittersweet. I am making his wife a pancake breakfast and bringing it to her this morning. I will be her sounding board, her shoulder to lean on and her personal chef for a while. Thank you everyone for your kind words, love and support. Hugs to you all ❤❤❤

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My greatest accomplishment!

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