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“? ???? ?ℎ?? ?? ???????? ? ????? ????, ???…”

If there’s a phrase in the world that sets me right on edge, it’s that one — or any one like it that preemptively diminishes or dismisses the value of an idea.

I can’t tell you the number of times someone has sat down across from me and prefaced their conversation with some variant of, “? ???? ?ℎ?? ?? ???????? ? ????? ????, ???…”, then proceeded to describe the most stunning, spectacular concept you could possibly imagine. Something there’s an enormous market for. Something that millions of people are absolutely crying for someone to provide them with.

What I’ve found, however, is that very few of these people really do think their idea is silly. They love their idea. They think it’s got lots of potential.

What they mean, when they say this, is that they’re afraid ??ℎ?? people are going to think it’s silly.

And do you know what? They’re probably right.

To which I say, “?ℎ? ...

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View as I drove home from a neighboring town where my friend's home was saved twice- once last night when it came near her backyard and then again today when a hotspot by her house flared up. Grateful for firefighters and their work saving her home. Even during all this craziness there is much to be thankful for.

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8 hours ago

My greatest accomplishment!

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