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August 10, 2020

The charter school my 8th grader attends is tech focused (all students, even before this COVID thing were required to use Chromebooks in every class). This is his second year and they were able to switch to virtual school relatively easy. However, it is still part of the public school system and with it comes some disturbing ideas.

Because I can watch/listen to his classes now, I am even more aware of how young minds are being destroyed, one little tiny bit at a time.

Not even a week into the new school year, and I'm watching the history teacher on Google Meet warn the class not to refer to the jihadists of 9/11 as terrorists or extremists. Not because of any data or findings that tells a different story of those events. Not because the teacher believes all those civilians deserved to died. Not even because she believes that our own government was pulling the strings on that terrible day. Any of those is what I was expecting her to present. Why? "Because those terms are bigoted ...

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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