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So today, in Larry Leftfoot’s Chi-raq, this happened...
They literally shut down downtown Chicago! I was concerned the chaos would spread to my neighborhood, since it did weeks back. When the tornado sirens started, I continued making lunch in the darkness of the afternoon. But when the flash-flood rains started pouring through my open windows, so I moved my potted plants from becoming insurance claims and left my windows partially open, to avoid potentially broken windows. The storm blew through with flickering electricity and sunny skies later held low flying helicopters. My neighbors are back in the alley shouting at one another and my plants are repositioned for maximum sun.

I’m hoping The Almighty spared the innocent lives of Central Illinois, which saw some 12 tornadoes, a scared away all CHAZ Copycats.

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Black Mulch Matters! Hope you’re having a great Sunday...

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November 28, 2020

Saturday, 2:38 pm.

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Did you know 22 veterans commit suicide everyday? Did you know that the suicide rate has gone up with the general public tremendously this year because of isolation? Just be aware when you’re engaging with people around you. We never know what others are going through. And holidays...during Covid...job effed up election...are a recipe for this. Be extra kind right now. I only say this because I am a veteran and I’ve worked with them. Have a great week.

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