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Dreams tend to get short shrift in our culture. Oh, the word crops up all the time. But too often it’s in the context of something pie-in-the-sky or other-worldly. “Dreamer” is a by-word for someone disconnected from reality. Many people avoid using or even thinking about the word “dream” in reference to their own vision and desires, because they’ve been conditioned to associate it with childishness or a lack of seriousness. (You might even notice a little of this conditioning bubbling up in your own mind right now!)

It even goes further than that. For some, “dream” is simply shorthand for “something that will never be”.

This never ceases to amaze me. Because the truth is, there is nothing ???? serious, ???? powerful, ???? incredibly real, than a dream.

Look around you. How many things in your immediate sight have always been there? Aside from the natural landscape, I’d venture to say not a single thing. At one point, the lamp here on my desk ...

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September 20, 2020

Sunday reflections...

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Happy Tuesday & First day of Autumn Rubin Report Friends & Refugees! Photo of Busch Wildlife Lake 12 - Anantha Vaidyanathan just down the road. The first hints of color are beginning to show. Second photo from Little Creve Coeur Lake - Mary Pisoni.

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