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August 12, 2020

Interesting to see Corporations make permanent decisions to stay Remote long term. REI was scheduled to move into their new headquarters this summer. Instead they're putting it up for sale. I wonder if the business leasing space will face enough pressure that some of these will be retrofitted as residential? Might drastically impact the housing market if so.

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40 minutes ago
Dr. Brady Smith Dental Makeover

RR Community, this is just a reminder that tomorrow, Friday, 10/2, is the deadline for submitting your story for consideration for the Dr. Brady dental makeover giveaway. We will be contacting the finalists early next week to request further details. This giveaway is open to subscribers only so be sure to join if you'd like to be considered. May the Force be with you! :-)

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41 seconds ago

Just a thought. I was trying to envision a methodology to manipulate the voting system to ensure a Joey B victory or at least through the process into chaos. Not an insignificant task. In preparation for the election, and I’m a DNC operative, I would think a more viable option would be to do this on a smaller scale, one that has far reaching implications. The Dems need 4 seats to flip the senate, if Trump wins. Some of those seats are in contested regions. The vote will be of a much narrower margin. The process is a significantly smaller task. IF Trump wins what will his admin look like if the Dems control the congress?


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