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Happy Thursday Rubin Report friends & Refugees! A rather lengthy prayer to share, and even if you aren't a believer I pray that the sentiments expressed in the prayer have been true for you and your fortune has been good.

We thank You, God of Mysterious Ways, that You have a holy design for each of us.

We rejoice that we are, each of us, special to You, that our names are written in the palm of Your hand and our place in history, our purpose for existing, is known within Your heart, since endless ages.

We are grateful for that long line of holy people, who since ancient times have inspired others by their faithfulness to their own special destinies.
They, by their very lives, shout out to us not to compromise our destinies, but to live fully within Your eternal design.

Blessed are You, Inscrutable Lord, for those events, persons, talents and loves which have helped us to discover adventure and purpose, fruitfulness and meaning, in our sometimes empty and seemingly ...

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Saturday soundproofing...

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Poker Night at the rectory! Have a great evening friends & refugees !

As requested here are some pictures of the foliage in my backyard.

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