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My best friend of 55 years and I have been through marriages, motherhood, divorces, and widowhood together. In all those many years we had never even once talked about politics. The other day she called and we talked about mundane things as old ladies tend to do. Near the end of the conversation she starting spouting off about our President. I was shocked and at a loss for words, so I merely said I had to go potty to end the tirade. I have decided that the next time the subject comes up I will say that I have no wish to talk politics, I wish I had said that the other day. I am saddened to say that she has a terminal case of TDS.

Was I a coward?

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23 hours ago

It was nice knowing all of you...

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December 03, 2020
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Video of Kitsons (a higher end Urban Outfitters) in West Hollywood.

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