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August 13, 2020

It has been 4 days since a walking bag of vomit ('vomit' being generous and 'human' unthinkable) executed a 5yr old boy in the boy's front yard, with the boy's young sisters watching. Not a drive-by. Not collateral damage. Not a tragic unintended consequence of mob mentality.

Point-blank shot to the head.

I keep finding myself hopeful that society hasn't crumbled so badly that this would be ignored by the MSM. I wonder where the outrage is. I wonder where the protests are. I wonder where are all the celebrities talking about children being hunted down and murdered in the street. But I guess if our woke culture doesn't care about black children being murdered by criminals, white children would certainly not make the cut in the hysterical news cycle.

Can you imagine the increased hell on earth, the sheer carnage, we would be witnessing right now if the skin pigmentation of the child and the scum were reversed?

As I sit across the table from my 7-year old, looking at his ...

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