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When it comes to goal setting and goal achievement, it’s important that you understand this critical fact …

Goals … even goals that sound good … aren’t necessarily “good” in and of themselves.

I want to talk about Purpose, Vision and Goals … bringing Goals into the picture a little more sharply. Because together, these three pieces function much like the legs of a three-legged stool. In order to get what you want from any of them, you need to have them all. And when one is missing, the whole contraption falls down.

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Goals are enormously powerful things. But when they don’t arise from a clear vision, and aren’t directed towards an overarching purpose that you have consciously, deliberately conceived of, they can have devastating consequences.

Have you ever wondered how some people end up extremely successful in terms of income or professional status, but hate what they do?

In most cases, it’s because the goals that got...

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