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Not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings to have certain people in my life who have led me to happiness. For many years I had a terrible self-image. I was stuck with so many negative beliefs about myself that pulled me into the ground. I was trying to break the surface and reach the sunlight, but I was caught in a lifetime of darkness and shrouded in silence.

Just over three decades ago I hit my lowest point. On the outside my life was perfect, inside I was screaming for help.

I had eventually turned to writing as a form of therapy. While sitting out in the backyard on a quiet sunny day I found myself staring at all the trees as they moved about in the breeze. Many were very tall and some were small but all moved differently, but why did they not fall? This is what I’ve realized …

A tree that once was a tiny little seed, that had immense strength within it, knew that in order to grow big and tall it had to be dropped in soil, hidden in darkness and ...

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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I start the day with coffee, Clyde does his morning meditation. What do you do?

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Anyone got a good recipe or idea for dinner tonight? We are officially through the leftovers and @davidjanet is heading out to the store soon. What’s on your plate this evening?

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