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August 18, 2020

For those who like poetics, I wrote this some years ago now, but I still think it's one of my best .. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do .. cheers!

Prometheus Released

Offshore , in the depths of azure
Leviathan stirs , weaving
Turning upward
Seeking that which its lungs cannot find
Without breaching the edge
The border between ocean and sky
A giant spout , like
Old Faithful
Pronounces the arrival of this
Most magnificent of beasts
The shrieking of hungry sea-birds
Disturbed by colossus
Pierces the still morning air

Our friendless giant pays no heed
But ploughs its watery furrow

For the minutiae it feeds upon
The world turns still, when we are gone

And beauty exists forever
Though there may be none to notice
Its eternal gift to sight
Prometheus has been released
And Ozymandiaz is no longer in memory held
The glories once known , slip like sand
Through the fingers of countless aeons
And we are lost into the vast cosmic ocean

Like water returns ...

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Dave will be LIVE in 10!

21 hours ago

It was nice knowing all of you...

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December 03, 2020
LA Fighting Back

Video of Kitsons (a higher end Urban Outfitters) in West Hollywood.

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