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Dave Morrison, the blue collar guy, sheds some light onto the SF mafia that would control the WH with a Dem win in Nov.
Seems like there is not just a Washington DC swamp, but another one reeking just as bad in SF / CA. Should be drained as well, and ASAP.

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Today maybe two thirds of my friends are not wishing people "Happy Thanksgiving" but instead "happy turkey day" or "happy feast day". And while I'm sure some are just doing it to be cute, to me it read as how far this holiday had been eroded. And I picture a dark future in which only old-school Christians celebrate it while others let it fall out of favor for being "racist" or forcing Christian values on people.

And then I thought, okay, wait a minute. I know what those people would say if I asked them why they thought the holiday was racist--because what happened to Native Americans in the past and how some still struggle today.

And while I think it's a horrible hateful thing to still be mad at something that happened hundreds of years ago to people you never knew, you could still address the living conditions of Natives today. It wasn't so long ago that many reservations didn't have plumbing for instance, and many of them are still stuck in "job droughts" that results in awfully ...

I am thankful for my Heavenly Father and for everything that he does for me. I am thankful for Jesus Christ, for his atonement and mercy. For His Gospel. For the scriptures, prayer, a living prophet.
I am thankful to live in this wonderful country with its inspired Constitution.
I am thankful that families can be together forever and for temples.
I am thankful for all you awesome people and for your kindness and friendship, even though we haven't met in person.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! #givethanks

November 25, 2020

I know it’s not Meme Monday but I had to share...

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