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People's minds are so inculcated with extreme ideology based on fear mongering and hatred of an other (Rs vs Ds) by that same exaggerated fear. It's exemplified in the form of modern news media and the rapid and simply accepted spread of misinformation because of the free exchange of information (the internet) and the need to fufill instant gratification through acceptance (personally curated peer groups). The pattern seems almost exponentially fractal to me (just like everything in nature).

Part of the issue I feel like is that we are in a stage where information is so rapidly exchanged but not communicated or expressed fully. It maybe has to do with truth as well, where normally in a direct conversation with an individual it's pretty easy to spot misinformation or at least misunderstanding in communication.

I'm dancing around a point or conclusion that's hard to express in one sentence but maybe my point is that for a long time humanity was in check with its spread of information...

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Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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