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August 21, 2020

I have a friend on FB that is a never Trumper republican and is irritated by his manners and everything about him. His daughter posted this response which is truly inspirational and gives me hope. I have been give permission to post it here.

Dad, I agree that Trump is his biggest enemy sometimes. He is not polished and he puts his foot in his mouth...but, how can you vote for the Democratic Party and the platform they are running on? Joe Biden will be a puppet for the extreme left wing and they will change this country so much that we won’t even recognize it. You taught me to love my country. You taught me to respect our flag. You taught me to honor our military, our law enforcement, and to stand up for our country. Listen to what the Democrats want to do. They are not hiding it! Defunding our police? White shaming? Tearing down our national monuments? Getting rid of capitalism. Lack of border protection...they want completely open borders! Socialized medicine. Preventing free ...

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