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Whether you are for or against vaccines, a doctor can’t vaccinate you against something you already have. And in the case of paradigms, well, you were born with one and you’re going to die with one.

So what is a paradigm?

It is a habitual way of thinking and behaving that leads to the results you get in life.

Everyone has a paradigm. It’s just a matter of whether yours works for you or against you.

Fortunately, I grew up with a paradigm that served me very well for more than fifty years. My paradigm was to be the best at whatever I took on …

At a very early age, I decided I was going to become the greatest mechanic I could be. I’ve always loved cars, and I had landed a great job as a mechanic at a Toyota dealership in El Monte, California. People with my best interests in mind had told me the road to success meant getting a good education, finding a good job, and working hard. I went to a technical school to get my Associates Degree and my ASE ...

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