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This newest pipe dream Trump has, this magical therapeutic, will kill us all. Run! He's going to mandate all of us take it. (Fill in the blank) has been known in extensive lab studies to cause heart disease, cause dogs used in the cosmetic industry to have inverted colons, and grow breasts on the necks of lab mice.

(Fill in the blank) has been used on soybeans as an insecticide with devastating results on the spotted whiffle turtle. The poor things drop three of their legs and just spin in a circle as the remaining leg tries to drag them back under a rock.

This (fill in the blank) is a direct attack on urban peaceful protesters. I say urban because we all know rural protesters are all violent.

(Fill in the blank) Causes infants and young children to become sexually permiscous and vile, not unlike the Netflix programming.

We must stop Trump's attempt to push this evil-ness on us.

Vote for Joe Better, and Build it Back Biden!

Foot note:
Lenny, please run this as soon ...

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