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@Blast8 Good morning, Frankie! I applied for a Real ID on Feb. 25 and still haven't got it. I looked everywhere online over the weekend to see if I could find info on my ID. Nada. They claim "processing time" should be 6 weeks, but with possible delays. It's been 6 months, folks...

So I called this morning. I was on hold with the California DMV for 1:14:12. The "estimated" wait time was 25 minutes. I worked out, checked email and started saying "good morning" to you. A woman came on the line, told me I have to call another number because they are the general number (the only one on their website) and they can only refer me to the correct department. She gave me the number, I called it. Voice prompt offered four options, two of which I could possibly help my situation. Both options (I called three times) hung up on me because of the high volume of calls they are receiving.

Why people want government to take over healthcare and other critical functions is beyond me. The mail-in ...

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