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So.......for the last few days I've done my irregular foray into the U.S mainstream media just to ty and glean a sense of what the "other" side is thinking and attempt to counter any confirmation bias I might be developing. I always go in hopeful, that there might be SOME nugget that will make me question my own opinons........

But these people are demonstrably insane. There are opinions; there are "positions"; there are editorial biases; there are jokes; there are downright LIES........but the presenters on these CNN/MSNBC/ABC shows are just indescribable.........things happening right before them, they ignore completely and create long segment "issues" from things that no news agency would even know about, let alone report on - a complete reality disconnect. describes it as: -
"Dissociative states are common in individuals with various mental disorders from anxiety to schizophrenia."

It is reasonable to describe these individuals as mentally ill.

Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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