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Joe Biden: I Am ‘Prepared’ To ‘Shut’ The United States ‘Down’ To Stop The Coronavirus
Totalitarianism. Puppet president for authoritarian regime.
The economy is starting to boom again. However, Joe Biden takes his orders from the Left. As such, he will shut down the United States if elected POTUS. America will not be able to withstand another shutdown. Joe Biden and the Democrats must be stopped. This statement from Joe Biden needs to be an attack ad right away.

Biden wants a 2nd shutdown 5 months from now.

He would destroy small businesses, kill jobs & ruin the lives of millions of families.

A 2nd shutdown in Jan would crush the middle-class & allow leftwing corps like Amazon to consolidate even more power. That's what this is about

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I'm not a Tesla fanboy, but technology interests me.

Tesla Shareholder and Battery Day live stream is on now:

Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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