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Recently I visited a zip-line canopy tour, Cypress Valley Canopy Tours, for some fun with some friends. Our visit was more than fun though; it was also a great reminder of a few things. Seeing it was refreshing and motivating, especially as I am now venturing into new endeavors.

How funny that I frequently coach people to remember their accomplishments (celebrate them, write them down, read the list often) but had obviously forgotten to do it myself! I also learned last week that telling someone else or even showing another person what I have done is by far the best way to rewrite the unconscious voices that somehow override my accomplishments and highlight my mistakes. The affirmative reaction of my friends created a positive glow but was not as important as my belief in me. Speaking it out loud to someone actually made it more real.

As I felt the affect of sharing my accomplishments I was reminded of another time when speaking about something out loud has a powerful ...

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Bill Whittle doesn't name Robin DiAngelo, but this sure fits her to a T.

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