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August 25, 2020

So dad might have let it slip on Facebook that we are going to Wyoming and South Dakota in September-October. He doesn’t want his sister to know we are looking for a future home so it’s a “vacation” (they are not close and she is a manipulative human). And then there was the whole, ”BTW, please don’t tell Ricky (estranged brother who not only became SC’s most wanted and served a max sentence for robbing 20 churches in both the Carolinas but also robbed us while Dad came to the UK to help me with my last military move). So yeah, now I’m scared to leave the house and scared to not look for a new place to live. But yay! Two more states to add to my list 😅 God help us. 🤪

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42 minutes ago
Dr. Brady Smith Dental Makeover

RR Community, this is just a reminder that tomorrow, Friday, 10/2, is the deadline for submitting your story for consideration for the Dr. Brady dental makeover giveaway. We will be contacting the finalists early next week to request further details. This giveaway is open to subscribers only so be sure to join if you'd like to be considered. May the Force be with you! :-)

(To join comment on the Dr. Brady Smith video that is posted below)


Dave will be LIVE at 11am PT | 2pm ET discussing a debate clip you won't see on the news of Chris Wallace asking Donald Trump to denounce white 2016, and more!

5 am wake up for Fox and Friends in a few minutes. Clyde ready...for what I’m not sure...

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