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Something strange. I woke up today and saw a video of a man with an AR getting attacked by a mob on the streets of Kenosha, who opened fire on his attackers, then surrendered to police.

The Fox News story includes the video, and says that the police are looking for the shooter, even though the end of the video shows him walking to the police with his hands up and obviously trying to surrender.

The CNN story just is short, saying that some people were shot and that little is known. They suggest that the police are trying to determine if the man was one of many who were armed, trying to protect their businesses. They seem to be unable to find a video that is all over the internet.

The MSNBC story is a video of an on-air discussion of how this is about a man who was shot in the back in an obvious case of excessive force. Again, this news agency can not seem to find a video that is all over the internet.

Kenosha is a city of about 100K. It is a bit of a trial balloon for what...

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