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“Across the country, police kill roughly 250 to 300 black people a year. The overwhelming majority of those killed are armed and violently resisting arrest. Thousands of black people are killed by black people every year. In Detroit alone roughly 250 black people are murdered annually. The majority of the murders go unsolved.”

My beloved ‘hometown’ of BALTIMORE, MD (known colloquially as BODY-MORE, MURDA-LAND amongst many residents living in neighborhoods where violence and homicides are commonplace) has allowed itself to suffer a virtually identical fate as its ‘sister city’ Detroit.

BALTO has tallied/averaged between 250 and 350 homicides per year for many of the past (close to) 40 years. The vast majority of BALTO’s murder victims are black people, and the vast majority of BALTO’s murderers are also black people.

I don’t know what the ‘clearance rate’ for homicide cases in the Baltimore Police Department is, but I can’t imagine it’s above 50 ...

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@TheRubinReport My daughter, who is a millennial, was participating in the BLM protests. I suggested that she start watching you. She did. She is now no longer participating in BLM protests and every day she asks me, "Did you watch the latest Rubin Report?" I just want to say again, thank you for all that you and your team are doing. I know you have suffered a lot Dave, but every person you help see the 'light,' I hope, lessens the pain and makes you stronger.

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