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August 27, 2020

Maybe it is a small thing and maybe it will pass but I am so not happy with the new standard farewell of 'stay safe'. One of my 4 year old son's kinda friends just walked by our house and her farewell was 'stay safe'. Everywhere instead of 'good bye', 'have a good day', or otherwise we are warned by our friends that we need to 'stay safe'.

What a negative and fearful way of viewing the world, I much prefer the old style farewells, especially ones like 'have a good day' that imply some encouragement and hope of goodness for the future.

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14 seconds ago

Just joined Gab, the memes are off the charts!😂

Went to an illegal backyard dinner last night. Illegal fun (including tequila) was had by consenting adults. Please don’t report us.

No live show today as I wanted to give my guys a four day weekend with MLK Day on Monday.

Anyone got good weekend plans?

January 14, 2021

This might be the greatest correction of all time.

Good work there, CNN...

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