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Rand Paul's Attack, District of Columbia, Detroit … all reruns
President Trump … Up for a Second Season!

There came a time in Detroit, when I stood midnight shift roll call, looked over the daily information on major crimes, and had to make a decision. The time was 1974.

Detroit was a big place. I worked near downtown. My precinct was at the base of the Ambassador Bridge to Canada. It was dim and depressed. It was dangerous. But, it was eighteen miles from where my wife and children were sleeping. That was a better situation and deemed … kind of safe.

Well, safe enough.

But then things started happening that changed my mind.

There was a restaurant a half block to the south and a half block to the west of my home. Between my home and the restaurant, on the corner, was a convenience store.

As the days and years passed I kept an eye on these major crime notices. Each year we lost a member of our precinct to violent on duty death. Every year another ...

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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22 hours ago

The Internet is an amazing place...

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Pretty pink flowers greeted me on my walk today. Focusing on being grateful today 🌷 4 pics

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