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August 28, 2020

@RationalMirror posted up a video about an engineer, Casey Peterson, at Sandia National Labs who was speaking out about Critical Race Theory training in the workplace. Since this was going down in my current city of residence, I reached out to a few contacts to see what was happening.

They were unwilling (scared?) to comment... People I've shared many a beer and burger with and whom I don't believe to be Lefties.

This all has a James Damore feeling to it.

I did watch Casey's update video (linked here), and within a few hours of going viral internally (Sandia has 16k workers), he was locked out of all resources and his posts/links were scrubbed.

He was also placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Stay vigilant people. Take this stuff seriously. The cancer is spreading and it is showing up in places you'd least expect (e.g. a nuclear technology laboratory staffed in large part by former and active military personnel, a.k.a. a natural enemy to Wokism).


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